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Growing the best pension for self employed people

At Accudo Investments we will put together an investment portfolio comprising a range of investments weighted towards achieving sufficient growth to preserve the capital and meet your income needs.

Private pensions for self-employed workers perform best when they are assembled by our expert team to reflect the individual attitude towards risk, income, and lifestyle needs of each client.

As part of our service, we will also include a professional assessment of any previous pensions that you might have acquired during your career and advise you on whether it would be in your best interests to consolidate these.

This tailor-made approach coupled with our investment philosophy has been delivering the outcomes our clients seek from us since the FCA directly authorised us in 2005.

At Accudo we invest your pot to meet your objectives and complement your circumstances and ultimately provide you with the full range of income options in retirement.

Flexible access to your money

We don’t just help you grow your retirement pot we also help you use it appropriately. The funds in pensions for self-employed business owners can be accessed even if you haven’t given up work. Drawing money down is a significant step to take, and we will offer you personalised advice whatever your stage in life.

From the age of 55, you can take advantage of drawdown options (including Flexi Access Drawdown). You can choose to withdraw up to 25% of your retirement fund as tax-free cash or to withdraw an income and tranches of tax-free money in the manner suitable for your specific circumstances.

We help you determine how much to take and how best to take advantage of tax-free cash. For example, taking all your tax-free cash upfront might not be a good idea for you and it could cost you more in the long run.

There are 2 main options available to you to access your money before you officially retire.


Claire is our in-house Pension Transfer Specialist and also a qualified chartered financial planner as well as chartered accountant with ICAEW

  • You can take up to 25% as a lump sum without incurring any taxation
  • You can access more of your pot with staged withdrawals of smaller sums up to 25% of its value

We help you manage your money throughout retirement and make sure that you don’t run out.

Tax efficiency for you and your business

A private pension for self-employed people is often more than just a retirement fund. Our financial experts will help you use your contributions to achieve optimum tax efficiency for your personal income and for the income of your business. As a private individual, you can contribute as much as you earn to your retirement fund.

However, if you own a limited company, your business can make employer contributions at a value that is not limited by your personal earnings. Business contributions are not subject to corporation tax nor to National Insurance payments, and the money you receive from these contributions is exempt from income tax until you start to draw on the fund.

Additionally, funds held within a pension are normally outside of one’s estate for inheritance tax purposes. We help our clients structure their pensions in such a way that they can benefit from all these efficiencies and, as part of managing your portfolio, we will keep your contributions regularly under review so that you don’t miss out on your annual tax relief allowance.


What you get with Accudo Investments

  • Experienced management of risk
  • Support to keep you on target to reach your goals
  • Sophisticated diversification strategies to minimise portfolio volatility
  • Objective recommendations to eliminate common investor biases
  • Methods to draw on your money in a tax efficient manner
  • Transparent fee structures and assessment of the costs of different investment options
  • Routine reviews and adjustments to your investments
  • Timely notification of pension rule changes that might affect you
  • Implementation of alternative plans to reflect changes in circumstances

Frequently asked questions

As long as you are paying class 2 National Insurance contributions (NIC) then you will qualify to receive a State Pension. The amount that you will be entitled to will be calculated in the same way as that for a salaried employee.

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