Millennial Money

Accudo Millennial Money

Accudo has a new proposition designed for those aged 18-35 looking to make their first steps into financial planning.

We offer a similar range of services to our main Accudo proposition, however, this service is geared to the younger age group who may have less disposable income and fewer amounts available to invest as well as slightly different needs and objectives to those in the higher earning years. 

We fervently believe in the need for advice for this age group and we can see that the invaluable advantages of saving to invest regularly from an early age are often missed, due to advice gaps in the market.  I recently heard a financially savvy dad being interviewed and when asked what was the key thing he had taught his children regarding investing, he answered “compounding”!  This resonated with me as this, in a nutshell, is why we need to ensure the younger generation has access to financial advice as early as possible so that the power of compounding is not missed by years of missed savings.  Indeed I recently spent a little bit of time explaining this to our 13-year-old daughter, as like the dad I’m referring to, I want our kids and others of their age (or a little older!), to catch onto this as soon as possible.

As such we have come up with a range of services and fees designed to fairly fill this gap and our Millenial Money team is headed up by Callum Warner who is in the next-gen age bracket himself and therefore understands the financial needs and opportunities of the millennial age group.

Our services and associated fees are as follows:

  • Setting up a regular ISA savings plan (£150 set up fee and 0.75% annual charge)
  • Setting up a regular LISA savings plan (£150 set up fee and 0.75% annual charge)
  • Setting up a regular pension plan (£150 set up fee and 0.75% annual charge)
  • Life Insurance needs
  • Critical illness needs
  • Income Protection needs
  • Mortgage needs

Throughout the next 12 months, Accudo Millennial Money will be launching an exciting monthly subscription service that is currently being developed. Watch this space!

Author: Claire Csoka