Retirement Planning

Expert & Tailored Pension Planning Advice

Whether you are still working, about to retire or retired already, we can help you with the complexities of the pension planning decisions that you need to make along the way.

Our services cover retirement schemes, investment portfolios, annuities, taxation advice and inheritance planning.


What to Expect from our Specialist Advisor

Claire Novakovic specialises in pension planning and financial advice for retirement. You can expect comprehensive plans and recommendations to suit your unique circumstances when you work with Claire.

The financial preparations for retirement won’t stop just because you stop working, and Claire will navigate the best arrangements for you at every stage of the process.

Together you will assess your retirement expectations and the time horizons in which you need to achieve them.

Helping you enjoy the retirement you deserve.

Plan, Plan & Plan Again

Based on your personal needs Accudo Investments can provide you with any of the following plans.


Claire is our in-house Pension Transfer Specialist and also a qualified chartered financial planner as well as chartered accountant with ICAEW

  • Using your tax allowances
  • Minimizing your tax liabilities
  • Tax efficient inheritance management
  • Investment portfolio based on independent assessment of the financial products available on the market
  • Managing flexi access drawdown
  • Choosing an annuity
  • Equity release
  • Pension transfers when appropriate

What you get with Accudo Investments

All clients who come to us for help with their pension planning will benefit from our philosophy and approach to financial advice. With many years of experience in managing risk, we deploy a range of diversification tactics to reduce the volatility of your investment portfolio.

Throughout your time with us, we will support you to stay on target to achieve your objectives. Our clients enjoy a transparent fee structure and upfront assessment of any costs that different investment options will incur. You will receive regular reviews and adjustments to your portfolio.

From time to time regulation changes may affect you, and as our client, you will receive timely notification of these along with recommendations of alternative plans in response to any change in circumstances.

Financial advice shaped by your unique circumstances.


What our Clients say about us

“Claire explains the options clearly and is not in any way pushy with any advice, I am always able to go away and think about what may be best for me if I felt that was required. Obviously, with any investment, the current economic situation plays a huge part, but I am happy with how my portfolio has grown over the last eight (?) years and also, how it has been made more tax efficient.”

January 2019

“Claire is immensely helpful and knowledgeable and has been pivotal in successfully planning and executing my pension and investment plan. Claire is very professional, meticulous, and personable and I had the utmost confidence in her financial advice from day 1. Claire and her team are always a pleasure to meet and I would highly recommend them.”

November 2018

“Claire has worked with us for over a decade advising and managing our investments from ISA's to pensions & children's investments to help us achieve our goal of early retirement. She is personable, trustworthy, listens to what the client wants long term, and thinks outside the box to ensure risk (and tax exposure) is limited.”

November 2018

“I am very pleased with my retirement income and know that this could not have been achieved without the information I received from Claire. I also understand when and how changes will happen to my income in the future, and what my options are when these occur.”

November 2018

Frequently asked questions

Making decisions about your retirement can be complex. A qualified advisor will be able to put together a suitable investment portfolio and make sure that your savings and drawdown are done tax efficiently. He or she will keep you informed of any changes to regulations and will make sure that these are implemented if they affect you.

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