Our Services

Our Services

We’re well aware that not everyone finds financial planning riveting but we at Accudo do… and that is what we are here for!

We have built our business so that we can offer the appropriate elements of investment and pension planning all under one roof, which we believe sets us apart from many competitors who outsource various parts of this process, for example, the pension transfer advice and/or the portfolio management component is frequently outsourced by many of our competitors.

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Our Approach

Claire is a qualified accountant and Pension Transfer Specialist. Igor is an Investment Specialist and Callum is a recently qualified financial advisor with pensions and investment experience we are complemented by our support team Sandra and Alex, who between them also possess a wealth of tax and financial administration experience. By utilising the skills and experience of our team, our client’s needs are met in-house and we also like to think we are friendly and enjoyable to work with, which let’s face it goes a long way in any industry.

The financial planning process with our advisers looks something like this:

  • Asset 1

    1. Getting to know each other

    Come and see us for an informal chat (or if you live further afield we can set up a zoom or skype appointment) and allow us to get to know you and your circumstances and give us a chance to see and explain how we may be able to help. This is also a chance for you to get to know us and see if you think you will enjoy us working together.  We do not make any charge for an initial review.

    At the end of this appointment we will candidly explain what we see as the key issues and options open to you in terms of saving for retirement or other goals which have been identified, which may involve setting up new investment or pension policies and/or consolidating existing schemes. We will also run through applicable charges as well as further information on our processes and ways of working.

  • Asset 2

    2. Establish your attitude to risk and key form filling

    Before we can begin putting together any recommendations for you, we need to understand your attitude to risk (both with regard to investment returns and capacity for loss). We have a short risk questionnaire which we will ask you to fill out and then we will talk through your answers and jointly decide on your attitude to risk on a scale out of 10 and explain what this means.

    During this second appointment we will also fill out all key documents including our fact find, our identity requirements form, our terms of business and any necessary letters of authority for existing schemes you would like us to analyse for you.

    As with the first appointment this can be done face to face if you live locally or by post and phone call/or zoom if you live further afield.

  • Asset 3

    3. Presenting our Analysis and Recommendations to you

    If we have written a report for you (as is always the case with pension transfer analysis), we will take the time to go through the salient points of the report with you (either face to face or by phone or zoom).

  • Asset 4

    4. Implementation of Agreed recommendations by our Team

    Once we have agreed on a course of action, our team of experienced administrators will ensure that all forms are completed and sent off to the relevant providers.

  • Asset 7

    5. Annual or 6 Monthly review process

    All investment or pension portfolios over £100,000 receive a full review either 6 monthly or annually.  As with the other stages this can be face to face or by post/phone or zoom.  At this review we inform you of how your portfolio has performed and make recommendations to position the investments for the time period ahead.  We also talk through your current objectives and needs including any changes since the last review.